So what’s the difference at GreenStones?

Well, for a start, you’ll find we don’t ask you to just crunch customer numbers, we will train you to explain them to customers so they can really reap the benefits in their business. We help our customers move confidently towards their goals – it’s an exciting journey for them, and it’s rewarding for our team to support them.

Working with us – you can say goodbye to boring accountancy and hello to innovative, motivating, practical accountancy.

As a team, we’re delivering an award-winning service. To do that we want to inspirechallenge and support you to be the best you want to be. In turn you will inspirechallenge and support our customers to be the best they can be. Everybody wins.

Inspiring Accountants Peterborough

We could go on and on here about how well established we are, how we’ve been in Peterborough since 1982 and how we have superb custom built offices.

Chances are what you really want to know is how we can help you. Simon Chaplin, managing director, acquired the practice in 2005 and set about making it the best accountancy practice in the country. Since then, we’ve
won many awards and received accolades from many national organisations.

We think you’ll find us to be innovative, leading edge, starkly truthful (in a good way), questioning, knowledgeable and there when you need us.

Simply put, our mission is to inspire, challenge and support you to be the best you want to be…

Putting the fun back into business

What we do may be serious, but it doesn’t mean the way we do business has to be. We think you’ll find the way we work makes us more enjoyable company to work for, in a fun environment.

Our people matter to us

Team happiness – we survey our team members every month, simple questions that let us know if there’s more we can do to support them.

ROWE – this stands for Results Only Work Environment – it’s a different approach to working that empowers our team to take control of their work, make a proactive contribution to our business and the businesses we serve. It helps all of us to achieve a healthier balance between professional and personal achievement. You can learn more about ROWE by reading ‘Why Work Sucks’ in our recommended reading.

What We Stand For

We have five values that, as a company, we live by and that will guide the proactive, knowledgeable, committed way we’ll work together. When you meet Simon, you might like to ask him how we arrived at our values. It’s an interesting story….

Share relevant knowledge

Some say knowledge is power and aim to keep it to themselves. We think it should be shared, for the good of the team.

Help each other

What goes around, comes around. We help you and we expect you to help us.

Seek enjoyable balance

If we’re happy at home, we’re happy at work. All our systems are set up to meet the needs of the team member.

Be honest

Goes without saying! Even when the truth isn’t what you want to hear.

Be brave

If you are going to be the best you want to be, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

As Your Employer, We Promise To:

  • Value you
  • Set clear targets and help you achieve them
  • Create a great working environment
  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Provide training and development opportunities and actively encourage you to take them
  • Welcome your ideas and give you a say
  • Provide support
  • Have an open and approachable culture.

As a Team Member, You Promise To:

  • Act like an owner
  • Own the values
  • Be customer-focused and conscientious in everything you do
  • Work positively with fellow team members and support them
  • Be open to developing yourself and accepting constructive feedback and assistance, so you can grow your skills and succeed
  • Follow our systems, improve them where you can and create a new system if one is needed
  • Be flexible in your approach and never say, “That’s not my responsibility”.

Team Talk

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Ready to start your journey?

We don't advertise specific roles, we hire people not job titles - so get in touch, tell us about yourself and we'll have a chat about how you could complement our team.